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Selah is a motivator with one thing in mind and that is to bring out the best in you. The basis of the teachings is that there is nothing impossible and no problem without solution.

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Monday Jul 16, 2018

If you think Vol 1 was interesting, then wait till you listening to this Vol 2. Full of energy,lessons relationship and real-life scenarios that will question what you believe.

Friday Jul 13, 2018

How do you handle attention from the opposite sex such that it doesn't ruin your relationship? What do guys except in exchange for giving you attention? How expensive is attention? When does it become weird?

Thursday May 05, 2016

Discover Your Talent: Is a short podcast that talks about talent and highlights 3 ways of ensuring your talent puts food on the table, while using the example of the ace footballer L. Messi.

Sunday Apr 03, 2016

Emotional Baggage is holding on to your past bad experiences or emotions, such that it affects your current or future relationships. Learn more about its effects and how to overcome it. Happy Listening

Monday Feb 29, 2016

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